Buying Your First Farm: A Comprehensive Guide

Purchasing a farm is a dream for many, and with the growing number of young farmers in the U.S., it’s more attainable now than ever before[1]. However, buying a farm, especially for the first time, requires careful planning, research, and consideration. Here’s a guide to help you navigate this exciting journey.

  • Financial Considerations: Farm Credit System (FCS): Tailored for young farmers with less than ten years of experience, FCS loans are used for land, livestock, equipment, and more[1].
  • Grants and Loan Programs: Explore opportunities like the USDA-Farm Service Agency’s beginning farmer loan program and grants from Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)[13].
  • Utilize Current Assets: Consider selling unused equipment or refinancing current debt to gather capital[1].
  • Tax Breaks: Consult with a tax professional to maximize eligible deductions and understand local qualifications for tax write-offs[1].


Property Considerations

  • Utility Connection: Ensure the property is connected to water and electrical utilities or can be connected if needed[2].
  • Infrastructure: Assess existing roads, fencing, water systems, outbuildings, and budget for necessary improvements[2].
  • Land Zoning and Water Rights: Confirm the area is zoned for farming and understand the property’s water rights, which can significantly impact your farm’s success[2].
  • Tree Consideration: Evaluate the number of trees on the property, as they can hinder large-scale farming and take up valuable space[2].


Professional Guidance

  • Mentorship: Consult with a mentor to frame questions specific to your farming type and to strike the right balance in your farming goals[2].
  • Partner with Experts: Seek guidance from experienced partners like Compeer Financial, who can guide you through loan processes and offer specialized programs for young and beginning farmers[3].


Buying your first farm is an exciting and rewarding venture but requires careful planning and consideration. From financial resources to property evaluation, each step is crucial to ensure a successful purchase. By utilizing available resources, seeking professional guidance, and carefully assessing your needs, you can make your dream of owning a farm a reality.

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