How to Create a Food Plot for Deer Hunting

Are you an avid deer hunter looking to attract and retain quality deer on your property? Creating a food plot is an excellent way to improve your hunting experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create a food plot to keep deer on your property all season.

Evaluate Your Hunting Property and Deer Patterns

  • Understand Deer Movement: Assess the local scene, considering the deer’s home range, which can vary from a square mile to 15 square miles[1].
  • Print a Topographic Map: Mark all food, water, and bedding habitats inside your estimated deer travel circle.
  • Diversify the Diet: Plant high-quality forage unavailable nearby to attract deer.

Select the Best Location

  • Choose Long, Skinny Plots: These are excellent for attracting deer during daylight hours[2].
  • Avoid Visibility: Plots should never be visible to roads and neighbors.

Plant Deer Forage for Year-Round Feeding

  • Provide Consistent Forage: Deer eat 365 days a year, so keep a steady stream of nutritious forage available year-round[1].
  • Use Four Main Categories of Forage: Perennials, warm-season annuals, cereals, and brassicas.

Create Security to Increase Daytime Movement

  • Design L-Shaped Plots: These provide deer with security[2].
  • Minimize Human Traffic: The more you frequent a food plot, the less chance deer will utilize it.

Don’t Skip the Soil Test

  • Test the Soil: This helps prepare an optimum growing environment[2].

Stand Placement on the Food Plot

  • Consider Wind Direction: Set up at least two stands on the plot to accommodate the wind direction[3].

Best Time to Hunt a Food Plot

  • Afternoons are Best: Early season sees much activity, but as the season progresses, consider hunting stands off the plot[3].


Creating a food plot for deer hunting is more than just planting crops; it’s about understanding deer behavior, selecting the right location, and providing consistent forage. By following these guidelines, you can create a successful food plot to enhance your hunting experience and keep deer on your property all season.


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